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Project Description

► Admin and Agent login 

► Dashboard for admin and agent:

  • Check all related clients’ types and number (i.e. Sold – potentials …)

  • Compare selected month vs previous month agenda type (by default current month and year are selected)

  • Check selected month agenda types with notes

  • Admin can view all and option to filter by agent to check each one’s progress

► Clients

  • Each agent can check his own clients list

  • Admin can check all the clients with option to filer by agent

  • Search by client name or phone number

  • Add new client

  • List clients:

    • Full name

    • phone number

    • call client

  • Client more info

    • Share location – call – send sms – view direction – edit a client – client type – full name – email – address – social security number -  marital status – spouse name – date of birth and auto calculate the age – hobbies – careers – pin # - policy status (other fields can be added)

► Agenda

  • Check daily agenda list with option to search or filter by status (pending/ done or all)

  • Option to check old agenda list

  • Adnin can view all with option to filter by agent name

  • Agenda list:

    • Status color bar

    • Date and time

    • Client name (can easily check client more info)

    • Call client

    • Delete / Update / Crete new (helps for agenda follow up) / Done

  • Add new agenda

► Follow up

  • For each client type (sold – potential…) you manage and create your own follow up system. This helps the agent and the admin to follow up a client with an auto reminder and alert.

► Calendar view: daily view list of follow up and agenda, add new

► Notifications

  • List of all alerts and reminders with an easy access to action (call - more info...)

  • Direct messages from the admin

Mobile app backend main features:


► Manage user's authentication level, access and privileges

► Manage your agents

► Manage your clients’ types

► Manage and control your own follow up system for each client type

► View all clients with option to filter by dates - client name - phone number and agent name

► List/add/update agenda

► Manage agenda types: each agenda type (i.e. call – meeting – collect …) control your reminder alert (i.e. meeting before 60 minutes) that means when adding a new agenda, the agent will be notified 60 minutes before the meeting with option to update the reminder upon agenda creation

► Manage agenda notes types (i.e. no answer – postponed – call later – done …)

► Reports and statistics

► Send direct message push notification to all or a specific agent

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