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Project Description

AcaPlan is a comprehensive strategic, operational and tactical planning software provide a full solution to organizations with a comprehensive set of tools.  AcaPlan special features include:


An end-to-end planning system to aid in the development of a strategic plan with detailed operational and tactical plans for all types of organizations.

Follows a planning methodology that adopts international standards and best practice.

Covers all steps of the strategic and operational planning process from documenting the Vision, Mission and Core Values, through PESTLE and SWOT analyses, to defining strategic Goals/Objectives and Initiatives, and identifying, scheduling and resourcing Activities and Tasks and defining Performance Indicators and setting their Targets.

Tools to aid in recording and capturing progress and outcome information on Activities, Tasks and KPIs during the execution phase.

Facilities to monitor progress through intuitive dashboards customized according to users' positions and roles in the organization.

Incorporates special features for documenting and archiving evidence of outcomes and analyses for audit purposes.

Provisions to change certain elements of the plan after plan transitions from planning to execution phase, such as performance baseline values and targets, with logs of change history.

Tools to check allocation of resources and track account-based expenditures and revenues, where applicable, during plan execution.

Controls user access according to roles or positions.

Allows development of new strategic plans while executing existing plan with options to roll parts or whole of one plan to another.

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