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Project Description

Insurance Agency Management Software “Insurance-Vision” is a single machine insurance agency management software. It has been used by many insurance professionals in Lebanon. Insurance-Vision is a unique product which provides comprehensive marketing tools and costing management of life insurance & non-life insurance. From CRM to final accounting, Insurance-Vision is an ideal application for an insurance agent.


Insurance-Vision main features


Manage your users' authentication level, access and privileges

► Control your own policies categories (Car - Life - medical ...)

► For each policy type you can manage the insurance companies that provide this type of policy category and manage the attributes needed when a new policy is generated for a client (Make - horse power - Body...)

► Broker price lists

► List of clients and account statement

► Insurance companies, company's summary (total orders - total paid - remaining balance - commissions - collected) and account statement

► Invoices and receipts

► Expenses and payment vouchers

► Generate policy

► List of policies, update and renewal with status filtering (updated - expired - not paid - renewed ...)

Take care of brokerage reconciliation part in life and general insurance section, such as receive brokerage from insurers, reconciliation, generate supplementary bills if any, income and profit analysis, TDS reports, etc.

Provide automated email and SMS reminders to client

Manage multiple agencies in one application [optional]

► Alerts and reminders

► Company's payments

► Accounting

► Reports: client's statement - company's statement - unpaid policies - company's settlement - receipts ...

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