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The Smallville Hotel




Mobile App


SQLite, Reactnative, PHP, JSON, iOS, Firebase, CMS, Cloud, APIs, Android

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Read data from the website via APIs

Manage music lists and the play lists per each

► Rooms listing and room booking

► All facilities listing and Facility booking

Check hotel's news and promotions

► Hotel photo gallery, videos and documentations 

► All event spaces listing and event space booking

► Check all messages




Mobile APP back-end:

Manage your music play list

Manage all room types and listing

Manage all facilities types and listing

► Manage all event spaces

► Manage all promotions and news

► Manage all photo gallery, videos and documentations 

Reports and statistics

Send push notification

George Kazan - Executive Assistant at The Smallville Hotel

Very supportive team and pays attention to details. On call at any time we need your support. Very Well Done!

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