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Flutter, MongoDB, NodeJS, React JS

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Project Description

Introducing Rateit, the go-to destination for savvy consumers worldwide. With a user-friendly interface, Rateit empowers users to make informed purchasing decisions through authentic ratings and reviews of consumer products. From organics to fresh food and much more, users can effortlessly navigate customized searches to discover top-rated products tailored to their location, nationality, and category of interest. Engage with the community, earn points, and unlock badges as you contribute valuable insights, then reap the rewards through exclusive offers and discounts. Join vibrant communities, share your passion, and revolutionize your shopping experience with Rateit today


App Features


  • Discover Tailored Products

    • Easily explore a curated collection or refine your search by nationality, location, or category to find products aligned with your unique interests


  • Earn Redeemable Points

    • Accumulate points with every rating and engagement. Unlock exclusive features and rewards, enhancing your overall experience on the app


  • Rate and Review

    • Share your opinion by providing honest ratings and reviews for products. Contribute to a community built on authenticity and shared experiences


  • Manual Product Addition

    • Take control by adding missing products. Provide details such as category, brand name, product name, and image to expand our diverse library


  • Influence Growth

    • Witness the impact of your reviews as your influence grows within the community. Shape the product landscape, discover hidden gems, and enjoy a personalized experience


  • Community Building

    • Connect with like-minded users, create discussion groups, and share your favorite products. Contribute to a thriving community of product enthusiasts


How It Works


1. Explore, Discover, and Earn


Find the Perfect Product: Browse by category, nationality, or location to discover exciting new products (think chips from Japan or tea from Kenya!) & Earn as You Review: Every rating you leave earns you valuable points. Rack up points and unlock exclusive features like joining premium groups or participating in contests



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