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Uniphye helps mission driven people find energizing startups.

You are unique, and what you care about matters. Our customized AI framework uses information about your mission, motivations, interests, and working style preferences to create personalized matches with mission driven startups where you will be energized by the work you are doing.

Companies love motivated and productive employees. By helping you find jobs you love, the companies will be thrilled to find you.

Demo Accounts:

For individual:

Find your most fulfilling and invigorating startup roles

Your working style, strengths, frustrations, interests, mission, and values are all part of who you are. We use AI and algorithms to send you curated suggestions for your most fulfilling and invigorating startups and roles.

Our holistic approach, AI, and multifactorial algorithms help you represent yourself fully.

  • Life is better when you enjoy what you do. Receive job suggestions based on your values, missions, skills, and interests.

  • Investing time is investing life. Uniphye helps you optimize your investment and fulfillment with a user-centric approach.

  • You are who you are. Find work cultures that embrace your personality, experiences, and goals.


For Startup:

Use AI to Build Your Most Productive Teams.

Uniphye uses AI to help you reduce employee churn and increase productivity by finding the people with not only the right skills, but the values, strengths, and work style that will lead them to thrive at your company.

The best teams have people who care about what they're doing and have skillsets to match

  • As a startup, every person, dollar, and hour counts. Uniphye helps you find people who care about your mission.

  • Every person has different skillsets, strengths, and weaknesses. Uniphye uses AI to generate potential matches between startups and the people they need.

  • Uniphye helps reduce employee churn rate and recruiting costs, and increases productivity by finding individuals who actually care about what they do.

  • Larger companies already have recognition, exposure, and resources for recruiting. Uniphye provides exposure to vetted, exceptional hires who care about what you do.

  • Our algorithms help you not only find employees, but also co-founders, investors, and partnerships whose missions and values align with your own.


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