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Project Description

Book-ink is a platform that connects tattoo artists with clients.

From tailored galleries of INKspiration, to constructive reviews, and personalized tattoo bookings, we’ve got you all covered, with a click of a button.

We are driven by the excitement of revolutionizing the tattoo industry and aiding in its digital progress.


Our Vision:

Our vision is to provide the best services on earth, and to leave this world a better place.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to create an end-to-end booking platform that will facilitate, handle and organize every step of the tattoo process for both artists and clients.

For every tattoo booked on our platform, we’re proud to donate ten percent of the profits to different causes of your choice every month.

From Charities and Families in need, to Rehab Centers, Animal Shelters and many more, we promise to make a positive impact and sprinkle happiness in people’s lives.

Download the app, get inked, and make this world a better place.



We’re here to help you find the right match.

We help our customers connect with outstanding artists based on their preferred style, aesthetic, location, and budget.

It is now easier than ever to find and connect with the best artist for the tattoo you’re looking for.



We provide a step-by-step personalized booking form that will help you fill all needed information, reduce any back-and-forth, and book your next tattoo appointment in a couple of clicks.


Don’t worry. We’re got you.

You can always browse and explore tattoos and artists’ portfolios on Book-ink and plan your next tattoo right away.



Our community relies on honest, transparent, and constructive feedbacks.

Clients can ONLY submit a review once the appointment has ended and completed by the artist.

Reviews on Book-ink are based on 4 main criteria: Price, Quality, Cleanliness, and Safety.



- Credibility Created by the Community: Book-ink relies on the community to rate artists. This ca only be done after the client is done with his tattoo. As a natural consequence of this method, it ensures a transparent and reliable rating system that points out who to trust, and who to be aware of. More stars translate into better work, better services, and credible reputation for artists, which means higher possibility to be booked.

- The Community is Law: Like all businesses, bad attitude and service doesn’t sit well with most clients. As an extension bad ratings bear consequences that lead to lower rate of bookings, lower possibility to appear on search, and eventually account termination. Less stars translates into bad work, unreliable services, and untrustworthy artists.

Book Fast. Wait Less. Enjoy More.


Book with Book-ink.

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